South Dublin County Council is delighted to announce that FoodCloud, Friarstown Allotments, Platform One Writers and Tallaght Hospital will participate in Work Songs, as part of IN CONTEXT 4 - IN OUR TIME, its public art programme 2016-2019 as part of the Per Cent for Art Scheme.

Visual artist Fiona Dowling and composer George Higgs are calling for one more business or workplace to collaborate on Work Songs. The artists will work with the workplace between January and June 2018.

Participants from all five workplaces will collaborate with Fiona and George to create their own work song. Rhythms, cycles, movements and sounds of work routines will be transformed into song and performed by workers, forming a musical portrait of South County Dublin's economic profile.

FoodCloud is a not-for-profit social enterprise that offers a way for businesses to donate surplus food that is fit for human consumption, but which cannot be sold for a variety of reasons, to charities within their communities. Friarstown Allotments is the largest of South Dublin County Council’s four community grow spaces, with approximately 300 plots. Tallaght Hospital employs almost 3,000 staff and is one of Ireland’s largest acute teaching hospitals, providing child-health, adult, psychiatric and age-related healthcare on one site. Platform One Writers is a group of dedicated writers and artists who have come together to create an exciting space in which to pool their resources.

By revisiting the traditional genre of work songs, the artists and participants will explore the contemporary relevance of singing at work and possible benefits of work songs in the modern world, while highlighting the working rhythms of South Dublin.

Interested in getting involved? Click here or download more information below and email Fiona Dowling and George Higgs at to register your interest.