Watch the performance of 'Hear Us Amongst the Fungus', the third in a series of four Work Songs for South Dublin County. The song is a collaboration between visual artist Fiona Dowling, composer George Higgs and textile artist and forager Freda O’Dea, a specialist in mushroom-based textile dyes.


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'Hear Us Amongst the Fungus' is composed by George Higgs, sung by Freda O’Dea, fellow artist and designer Sheila Baron and Fiona Dowling. The song was directly inspired by observations and conversations between Fiona Dowling and Freda O’Dea and her wealth of mushroom-related knowledge.

Work Songs is a musical portrait of South County Dublin's economic profile.

Work Songs is commissioned under IN CONTEXT 4 - IN OUR TIME, South Dublin County Council’s Public Art Programme for 2016-2019 under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.